Fantasy Friday

It’s “Fantasy Friday”. Yay! I love fantasy. But I’m having problems with where fantasy has gone. You type in fantasy over on Amazon, and it comes up with stuff I would never read. Gone are the days of hobbits and elves. Now you have demons, angels and witches.
In my opinion (yes, this is my opinion, so don’t start screeching) demons and angels are real. One works for Satan and the other for God. Angels only interact with humans on God’s command and they aren’t about to fall in love with them or do any of the things written in books. And we aren’t aware of their interaction. The subject of demons is COMPLETELY closed in my book because they belong to someone I would rather not read about, (Satan) or watch movies that involve him. And I’m not a witchy woo kind of person. Things get really dark when you go there. Call me old-fashioned, but that’s how I feel. So, I’m limited as to what I will post.

I like Middle-Grade fiction. It’s safe territory. Don’t get me wrong, there are still some really good fantasy stories out there, it’s just getting harder to find.

Today, I chose a fun middle-grade fantasy for you all to look at, that was written by author Kevin McGill. Bonus: the whole series is free on Kindle. Score! There are three books so far: Book 1, Nikolas and Company: The Merman and the Moon Forgotten, book 2, Nikolas and Company: When Boats Breathe and Cities Speak, and book 3, Nikolas and Company: A Creature Most Foul. Here is what the first book is about:

Nick must save a race of Merfolk, but a few things stand in his way. First, Merfolk live on the Moon. Second, they’re tens of thousands of years in the past. Third, his parents grounded him for blowing up the shed, again.
Join Nikolas and his motley crew of friends as they time travel from an apocalyptic Earth to a fantastic moon thousands of years in the past. Nikolas will hear the call of a mysterious woman, battle evil drones, fly malfunctioning hover trucks, run from other-worldly monsters, witness the blue and yellow fire of blood-thirsty water dragons, and travel through space and time, as he seeks to save the Merfolk of the Eynclaene coast.

Please head over to Kevin’s page and give him a Like. Remember, if you purchase one of his books, please leave a review on Amazon, or that lovely place on Goodreads. You can also visit Kevin’s blog over on WordPress. I will post links below.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will see you Monday. By the way, Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful moms out there.

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