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pi2My newest novel, Phoenix, is now available on Amazon. This is the first book that I totally published myself. It was a great accomplishment for me, but man was it a lot of work, a lot of hair pulling and even some tears. The paperback was a piece of cake. The Kindle, however, was a nightmare. Three days is how long it took me to figure out how to make the format look legible. At first, it was a jumbled mess. Then, after reading (it helps to read instructions) a light clicked on in my head.

Most fiction books have little pictures, that tell you when a scene has changed. When typing my manuscript, I always put x’s like this, XXXXX, so I’ll know where to put the little pictures. However, I forgot to embed the pictures. I just copied and pasted them, thinking that would do the trick. Wrong. Man, was I proud when I figured it out. After embedding the pictures, the format came out perfect. To think, something little like that, messing up the entire 100,000 words. I think I did a happy dance for a least three hours afterward. My youngest daughter thought I was crazy.

That’s the way we humans are though. We are too proud to stop and read, ask directions, or stop and think about things, before going on. And we never learn from our lessons. lol. I know I don’t. That ol’ history just keeps repeating itself. However, I did learn how to embed pictures, create links for chapters, and some HTML. That’s something for a computer illiterate person like myself.

If you are interested in my newest novel, or any of my books for that matter, you can find them on Amazon.

Here is the back matter for Phoenix:

Penny Ashmore is a not-so-normal seventeen-year-old, who just wants to finish high school, go off to college, and fall in love. However, that plan goes out the window when her dad takes a job as the caretaker of a magical estate.
After moving to Westridge, a town owned by a dragon and run by the fairy queen, Penny meets Dorian and Sebastian, who happen to be cousins. Both of them fall for her, but she only has eyes for one.
However, when Penny’s own physical state begins to change, secrets come out about her past. She is informed by the fairy queen that she is actually a Dragon Princess and was created for one purpose: to stop evil creatures called the Heartless, and their puppet, the Destroyer.
Penny wrestles to keep her own identity, but in the end, she knows that it’s no use fighting the inevitable. She will take her place as the Dragon Princess and lead the battle against the Heartless and the Destroyer, hoping she will be able to save the creatures of Westridge, and the boy she has come to love.

I hope everyone has a wonderful sunshiny day. It’s cloudy here in Texas.  :0)