Beginning! Karen the Writer?

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m not sure how the whole blog thing is supposed to work, so bear with me. I’ve always wanted to be a writer ever since I was a kid. My sixth grade teacher told me I had a weird imagination and that I should go for it. So I told myself that when I grew up I would be a writer. I guess I’m finally grown up, since I’m about to be published. Prince Andy and the Misfits, Shadow Man, is my first novel and I’m very excited about it. I started writing Prince Andy and the Misfits in 2001 and finally finished it in 2007.  The book will be coming out soon. I can’t say when the book will be out. I’m hoping that it will be around Christmas.  I sent the abridged version to Tate about two weeks ago for the audio portion. Next is marketing and then book signings.  I can’t believe summer is almost gone.  Since I am a homeschool mom, school is right around the corner. I had every intention of writing 2,000 words a day on the second book until school started. That is just not happening. I have been sick quite a bit this summer. My goal this summer was to have book two done and book three started by the time book one came out.  I laugh at myself for the impossible goals that I tend to set.  I have always thought that reading a book was like I was traveling through another person’s mind. I do hope you enjoy reading the books that I will be writing, but mostly I hope you enjoy taking a trip through my mind. The first stop will be Filligrim.

Sept. 3, 2010

Well, today I sent my book back to the Tate Publishing.  This was the last time that I could fix any mistakes.  I’m sooooo nervous and very excited at the same time.  It will only be a short time, then everyone will have access to my book.   Mrs. Lenda reassures me that everything is fixed in the book. Bless her heart, I just love that woman.  She brought me flowers in celebration of the completion of my book.  In a way, she has gone on this journey with me and Andy.  I can see her being Gladiola Misfit (a character in my book).  Filligrim is such a neat place in my head.  I just hope I have described it well enough that you see it too.

Oct. 2, 2010

Hey everyone.  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have been trying to find different ways to sell my book.  It’s official! I am now a TATOR. That means, I am a Tate Publishing Author. This is a very exciting time in my life.  I have become friends with Tate Publishing and Enterprise Authors group on Facebook.  A website made by Elaine Littau and several others, that help first time authors with the sale of their books, by giving advice, letting authors post their book covers, trailers and so forth.  It’s not part of the Tate Publishing website. Also, I have been researching other FB pages with similar goals.  I have found quite a few. I have met and become friends with so many authors on the Tate  website. They are an inspiration to me.  Very helpful with how to go about doing things.

Troy and I have also been discussing ways to go about selling my book.  I came up with the idea of sending an email to every library in the United States, with a short explanation about me, the backmatter of my book and a link to my book trailer. My dad told me that if every library in the US bought my book, I would do very well indeed.  I looked at the list of libraries and there are thousands.  I have a lot of work to do.

I have also been thinking about my display table for when I have book signings. I’m going for a royal theme, since the book is called Prince Andy and the Misfits.   I’m thinking about a beautiful red tablecloth with a purple table runner trimmed in gold. Also, I’m going to buy some toy dragons that look realistic, to set on top of a stack of my books.  I thought about buying a toy castle, but that might take up too much room. I will have a poster for the table and maybe some bookmarks. I’m also going to have a portable DVD player, playing my book trailer.  I think it will look very appealing when I get done.  It’s amazing how much you have to think about when trying to sell your book.

Oct. 07, 2010

I can’t believe that I’m at the point of ordering books to sell.  This has been a very long journey.  Troy and I sat and looked over all the paperwork involved in getting through this stage of the process.  It’s not too bad.  I can’t wait until I’m actually at a book signing, talking to folks about my book and getting hand cramps from signing so many books.  lol.  Also, last night Caleb and I stayed up really late putting my book on a website called the Author’s Den. This evening when I went to the site, my book was in the favorites section and I had had eighteen hits. Needless to say, I’m in a very good mood right now.

Oct. 21, 2010

Time is sure flying. It was just a month ago that I was complaining about time dragging and now it’s flying.  I’m crazy!!!   Last week I heard from marketing.  My release date for bookstores is Jan. 4, 2011. Yea!!!  I can’t wait to walk into a bookstore and see my book sitting on a bookshelf.  We ordered extra books to have on hand to sell to friends and family.  Also, extra books for any book signings that I might have that aren’t in a bookstore.  You can also buy my book  at the Tate Publishing bookstore.  I’m putting the link to where you can buy the book on my blog.  Troy is a machine when it comes to selling my book.  He has sold so many already that we’re trying to figure out how many more books that we’re going to need in the near future.  This is the best time to be buying my book. Christmas is right around the corner. Don’t forget that the book comes with an abridged audio book, as well.  To all my readers, have a great day.

Nov. 1, 2010

Well, it is almost the end of the year.  What a journey I have had!  To think that in January my book was just in the editing stage and now I have books coming to me.  Such an awesome experience.

If you looked at it just right, it would almost be like I was giving birth to a child.  Months of it getting better and better with fine tuning.  Being covered with a bright, beautiful cover.  And then, at the end of nine months, out pops a book, with you written all over it.  It was exactly what you had hoped for.  You take it and show it off to everyone who will look.  Some will OOO and Ahhh over your child.  While others will simply look and then keep on walking.  But what do they know.  How could they possibly know all the love and work you have put into the beautiful words within.  The labor it took to get it here.

My only hope is that people will stop, look and appreciate what I have accomplished.  Because, not everyone can write a book.

Nov. 20, 2010

Yesterday I heard from Jeff Fisher, my marketing rep.  He told me that my books were being shipped out to me on Monday.  WHOO-HOO!!!  At last, I’m going to be selling books. (Hold on while I pinch myself.  Nope! I’m not dreaming.)

Family will be here in a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving.  My favorite holiday, (this said with my best Texan accent).  I will hit each of them up to buy my book.  Cha-Ching! Just kidding.   On Dec. 4th, I’m traveling to the great state of Oklahoma, to do a book signing.  I’m excited about that.  My mother-n-law is going to do face paintings of my characters, which I think, is so cool.  The weekend after that I’m having a booksigning at my church and hopefully, the Hooks library.  I’m going to ask the New Boston Texas Library if I can do a book signing on the 18th of Dec.   PHEW!  Boy, is this a busy month or what!  Well, that is all I have to say today.  I haven’t been feeling well and my brain is a little fuzzy.  To all my readers, have a blessed day. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving. (Don’t gain too much weight.)

Dec. 1, 2010

Well, tomorrow night I’m having my first public book signing. It will be at my homeschool group meeting. I am really looking forward to it. I have had a lot of the moms tell me that they want a book.  Then on Saturday I will be in Wilburton, Oklahoma for a booksigning.  It will be at the Choctaw Community Center from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. My mother-n-law put a really nice article in the Wilburton newspaper about me.  So hopefully I will do really well.

Yesterday, I entered a DecNoWriMo, which stands for December Novel Writing Month.  It was made up by a friend of mine, who wasn’t able to participate in the national November one.  I have to write so many words in the month of December. I’m going to finish book 2, Epidemic in the Dark Lands.  Around 16,000 words is all I have left. Wish me luck.  I’m afraid I won’t make it.  First of all, it’s just about the busiest month in the year, with Hanukkah starting tomorrow night and also Christmas being right around the corner.  Second of all, I really don’t know if I have that many words left in my head. (I think I have stated this once before.)  Hopefully, I will make it so, number 1! (This is a Star Trek phrase, in case you didn’t know.)

To all my readers, have a good day and Happy Hanukkah. (One of the best times of the year for our family.)

Dec. 9, 2010

Yesterday I had a complete meltdown. My husband’s co-worker gave him a list of all the problems that my book had.  OMGOODNESS!!! Needless to say, I spent the day crying, because I thought I was a failure, looser, and horrible at grammer! Come to find out, not the case.  I am a child of God,  so I’m none of those things.  But, when you are having a meltdown, your self esteem goes out the window.  I sat down with the list, my book and the copy of my book that the layout department sent me. Come to find out, none of the mistakes were in the layout copy.

Here is where I tell you about the layout copy. When the layout department is done with your book, you have to sign a piece of paper saying that you approve. The copy that I signed off on, was perfect, save one word. (That word is now corrected.)

So, I wrote an email to Mr. Tate, the president of the publishing company. What a email it was! I was not tacky or hateful, just straight to the point.  I’m very proud of it, actually. I told him what I had found and also how disappointed I was with Sean Kilgore. (The narrator of my book.) I have blogged about him under, Audio Book For Shadow Man and Other Posts.

This morning, I got a call from Sean Kilgore.  He was very polite, and has redone my prologue.  Also, my editor called me a while later and apologized for the mistake. They are going to reprint my order and also, overnight me enough books to get me through this weekend.  I have a book signing at the Hooks, Library.

So, I am now a happy camper, (even though I can barely see through my swollen eyes) and I’m going to go and write on book 2.  To all my readers, have a spectacular day.

Jan. 01, 2011

Well, Happy New Year to everyone. A lot has happened since I last posted. There were more booksignings, (which I blogged about in the post “Book Signings and Other Posts) Christmas and New Years. We went to Oklahoma for Christmas. Had a great time, (when I wasn’t sick).  Christmas Eve was very exciting. Troy went out hunting in the afternoon. I knew something was wrong when he didn’t come back and we couldn’t get hold of him by phone. Around 7:30, my father-in-law rang a large school bell that they have in their back yard.

Here is where I tell you about our land.  We own 70 acres in Wilburton, Ok. It butts up against my in-laws property, (they have 40 acres) and is mostly all hill. (Not much shorter than a mountain, by my perspective.) The hill starts at my in-laws yard and then goes straight up to the top, where we have about 10 acres that is flat.  There is a mobile home, dubbed “the cabin,” and a barn. Then it goes steeply down on the other side. The view from the top is beautiful. The hill is covered with briers, pine trees, hardwood trees and lots of rocks.

After my father-in-law rang the bell, he heard Troy yell out that that he had broke his ankle. So six of us took off up the hill (the small mountain) to retrieve Troy. I have asthma and I was already sick, the night air did neither one any good. After 30 minutes of falling on rocks and trudging up the mountain through briers, we finally came to the top. (I felt like I was in the movie, The Last of the Mohicans, with me yelling, “I will find you!” and having an asthma attack at the same time.) Troy was in the cabin. The funny part of this whole story was, if we would have known he was in the cabin, we could have driven to him and I wouldn’t have spent the whole weekend in bed sick.  My in-laws drove my brother-in-laws Rodeo, a five passenger car, up to get all of us. We squeezed eight people into that poor car, along with a crippled man. Someone said they knew how Mexicans felt when coming across the border, crammed into a small truck. lol.

When we got to the hospital, they got Troy in right away to be x-rayed. The doctor waltzes in and cracks terrible jokes and tell my husband that all they were going to do for him was put a splint on his broken leg and that he could take the splint off, to take a shower, if he needed to.  I didn’t think that sounded right, but he was the doctor after all.

I took Troy to my doctor here at home. Dr. Paul had a fit over Troy’s broken leg and the way doctor in Oklahoma treated it. Troy now has an appointment to see an orthopedic doctor and they may have to rebreak Troy’s leg and put it in a cast.

New Year’s Eve came and went, with no special events planned. I was in bed by 10:15 and never even knew when it turned 2011. I’m hopeful and excited for the new year. Hopefully, I will be able to send Book 2, Epidemic in the Dark Lands, to Tate Publishing.  Prince Andy and the Misfits: Shadow Man, comes out in bookstores tomorrow, which is a dream come true. Yea! To all my readers, hope your New Year is wonderful and blessings to all. I want to share a beautiful verse from Psalms 30:11-12 in thanks to my father in heaven for all the blessings of this past year!

“You turned my wailing into dancing, You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, THAT MY HEART MAY SING TO YOU AND NOT BE SILENT!O Lord God, I will give you thanks FOREVER!”

Jan. 04, 2011

Well, my book went into bookstores today. This is so exciting. I haven’t stopped grinning all day long. Also, the orthopedic doctor said that Troy’s leg was doing just fine. He did turn his nose up at the splint though, which I knew he would and he put a cast on Troy’s leg. Praise God he didn’t have to have it re-broke.

To all my readers, I hope you are having as wonderful a day, as I am having.


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