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Interview with Patty Wiseman

December 28, 2011

Before I begin my interview, I would like to talk a little about Patty Wiseman. I have had the privilege of meeting some wonderful people who are authors over the past year and a half and one of those people is Patty Wiseman. I met Patty on Goodreads and we chatted. Later, I had a book signing in Longview, Texas and much to my surprise Patty came to my signing. We hit it off right away. She is a pleasure to be around and likes to talk as much as I do. She interviewed me on her blog about my book and I told myself that when Patty became an author, I would interview her. It’s a little late coming, because Patty became a published author in August, and I do have to apologize to her. lol.

Welcome,  Patty. So glad I finally get to interview you. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Let me say a great big “Thank you” Karen for having me here today! I am very fortunate to call you ‘friend’, literally! I remember the time I met you and your wonderful family at that little coffee shop where you were having a book signing. We have become good friends!

A little about me? I grew up in Washington State, attended college in Bartlesville, Okla. My husband, Ron, and I have been married for almost nineteen years. Together, we have two grown sons, a step-daughter and a passel of wonderful grandchildren. I have worked as an administrative assistant to a financial adviser for the past twenty-four years and will retire in January 2012, finally! I am looking forward to devoting my time to what I love…writing.

I have many interests and hobbies, including gardening, reading, genealogy, bowling, and traveling. Writing is number one with me, though.

How did you get started writing and what inspires you to write?

Reading was a big passion of mine as a child. The thicker and more involved the book, the more I liked it. So writing was a natural next step for me. I enjoyed doing the essays in school, and I remember one project I had to do in literature class for poetry. The teacher gave us a list of poetry styles and we had to write an original poem for each style. I still have that notebook of poetry. Maybe I should take a second look at that! LOL!

My inspiration has been the stories I grew up hearing about my grandfather. He was killed when my dad was only ten months old, so dad never knew him. He searched for him while he was alive but never found out anything because my grandmother erased all evidence of him. A few years ago, I began the search myself and found a wealth of information on this forgotten man. My favorite books were historical romance when I was growing up, so the interest in my own family history wasn’t much of a leap.

Who is your favorite character and tell us why?

 My book, An Unlikely Arrangement is based on my grandparents arranged marriage in the 1920’s. My favorite character is based on him, Peter Kirby. I prefer to think of my grandfather as a good man. He died much too young and was forgotten, quickly. I fashioned this story as a tribute to him.

Did you have any authors that inspired you and what kind of books do you like to read for pleasure?

I really have to say my favorite author is Diana Gabaldon. I love her Outlander Series. She weaves so many things into her books. History, genealogy, time travel, romance, all of it. I love reading things like Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, you know, the classics. I love a good mystery, too. Cozy armchair mysteries and who dunnits, but give me a good historical romance any day.

What is your favorite time of day to write? Do you need quiet or music when you write?

 Early morning is the best time for me. My husband leaves for work at 5:30 a.m. I love to get up in the quiet part of the morning and let my imagination run, fresh and free. I think it depends on what I am writing as to whether I need music or quiet. If I am writing a lively scene, music helps, but if the piece is a bit more serious, I prefer the quiet.

Are you writing anymore books?

I’m tickled you asked that question. I am actually hosting a contest to help me choose a title for the sequel of An Unlikely Arrangement. I had so many people ask me when the sequel was coming out that I had to write it! I am loving this story even more than the first. I hope everyone will go to my website www.pattywiseman and check out the details of the contest. It is running until January 15th.

 I am also working on a different sort of novel, a contemporary romance based on another real life experience. It’s called ‘If It’s Thursday Night, My Name Must Be Lola’. This will be a comical look at a single woman’s survival skills.

I know the New Year  is around the corner, do you have any book signings coming up?

 I have been so busy with book signings and festivals that the Christmas break is a nice time to catch up on writing my two books. Come January, I will hit the ground running. I have a book signing scheduled in Marshall, Texas on Jan. 20th, and a grand opening TBD. I am scheduled for various festivals throughout the year and will post those on my website as they come up. I have spent a lot of time doing research on some new ideas. Hopefully, January will be the start of an exciting year! Stay tuned to my website for further details!  

Where can our readers find your wonderful book?

 You can buy my book directly on my website

It is also on Amazon


Barnes and Noble


Patty it was such a pleasure to have you on my blog. You are a very talented lady and I highly recommend to all of my readers to go out and buy a copy of An Unlikely Arrangement. You will not be sorry.



Sept. 25, 2011

I have put on weight. It’s a fact. I’m not the same girl I was at twenty. That girl is gone and I am now 45 years old. I have noticed that when I walk into a room, that people stare at me. The first thing I think of when this happens is they are thinking of how much weight I have gained. There are reasons why I have gained weight and I will list them.

1. I have had five children–With each child I have gained weight. With some of my children I gained a lot of weight and I didn’t get back to the weight I was before, and then I would find myself pregnant again. God didn’t allow me to keep two of my children as most of you know. I lost my first child, Austin, to a brain aneurysm and I lost the last child when I was six months along. When I lost the last child, I did a lot of emotional eating to make myself feel better.

2. I had to have a hysterectomy at age 38–You would think that having a hysterectomy wouldn’t make you gain weight, but it does. I found that just a few short months after my surgery that I had gained a significant amount of weight. My hormones were all over the place and I was doing a lot of emotional eating.

3. I admit it, I’m a yo-yo dieter— Up to this last year, I was constantly trying to find some way of getting rid of this weight, which in turn was making me fatter. I have since learned that dieting is not the solution.

4. I am going through the change–It was inevitable that I would go through the change early, with the loss of my innards. lol. I am on an emotional roller coaster that I don’t think will end. I totally understand what my mother is going through. Believe me when I say that, I have been doing A LOT of emotional eating.

5. It’s in the genes–my birth mother’s side of the family is large. I had an aunt that was as wide as she was tall. Those are her words, not mine.  My grandmother was very plump and so on and so on… You can’t fight genes. Thank God I at least have my dad’s height and not my birth mother’s. She was very short. Five foot, I believe.

6. Age–at birth we start our journey of dying. Some of us live long lives and some of us, not so long. As we get older everything slows down. My metabolism has slowed significantly. I home school my three kids, so I’m sitting down for that time. I am writing on another book, and I’m sitting down for that time. The rest of the day is tied up in household chores and running errands. I don’t exercise like I used to and to tell the truth, I don’t want to.

So there it is. I have problems. I am an emotional eater, with a little laziness going on, going through the change. Others out there have the same or different problems that they can’t help. We will NEVER be those skinny little people that others think we should be. Please do me the favor after you read this and look at overweight people through their eyes. There is something going on that they have NO control over that is making them overweight. We as a society view people on Hollywood’s standards and that must stop!

I have come to a conclusion over the past few months, that I wish I would have thought of this years ago. This is who I am now and I’m proud of me. I am a wife, mother and an author. God has blessed me so abundantly and I have wasted so much of my life trying to be who I am not. So I go forward now as a new person. ME! So glad I finally figured it out. I am much happier.

To all my readers, see people as you would want to be seen. Don’t judge your fellow man unkindly, that might be you one day. :0)


I have been married to my best friend, Troy, for 17 years. We have had our ups and downs as most couples do over the years. However, they have been mostly wonderful.  We have three beautiful children: Caleb, who is 16 years old, Randi, who is 14 years old and Haylee who will be 11 years in September.  Troy doesn’t have a character in my book, but has encouraged me all the way and been my support, which no wife (author) can do without. The main character of my book, Andy, started out being modeled after my nephew, Andrew.  However, Prince Andy developed into Caleb, as I watched Caleb grow and mature into the handsome young man he is now. He is a huge help to me with everything, especially with my websites.  Randi has always been my inspiration for the character Shimmer.  If you could dip Randi in a sea of blue glitter, she would become Shimmer.  Randi is very prissy and cute and that is what I envisioned Shimmer to be.   Haylee has the part of a little dragon with a big heart in book two–Prince Andy and the Misfits, Epidemic in the Dark Lands, which fits her perfectly because she has such a big heart. Of course she is very cute as well. They are all very excited about my book. Almost as much as I am.