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Car Wrecks and Book Signings

Jan. 14, 2011

Hey to everyone, sorry I’m just now writing a new post.  I have been a little bit lazy. Last Thursday night, I was on my way to our homeschool meeting and book signing, when I hit a car on the interstate. There was a car in front of me and we were getting on the interstate going towards Texarkana. The traffic was terrible. I turned around to see if I could get on, when Caleb yells to me, “Mama, Mama, Mama…” I turn around in time to see the tail lights of the lady in front of me. I managed to get my car slowed down quite a bit before hitting the lady. It was my very first car wreck! Why do people stop for traffic when trying to get on the interstate? Shouldn’t you slow down and proceed on the side of the road until it’s clear? IT’S AN ON RAMP!!!!!!! After sitting in my car and making sure my children weren’t hurt, I weakly got out and went to see if she was okay. She had two little kids in the car, but they were fine. I was so shook up, I could barely talk. She called her husband and he said to call the police. You know what that means. Yes, I got the ticket. A $190.00 ticket. Did not need that! What kills me is, my car got most of the damage and her car got rubber smudge that can be buffed out. My insurance company said that she filed a claim. For what, I’m not sure. I inspected her car pretty good and there wasn’t even a scratch! (Of course, it was dark and I was crying and I could be mistaken.) My car on the other hand has a busted up bumper, my hood is bent up in a place,  my headlight no longer is pointing straight ahead and my license plate looks like it went through a trash compacter. She was a very nice lady and I felt super bad about hitting her car. I shouldn’t be complaining, it could have been a lot worse. Everyone was fine, except for being sore. Troy came up to the scene of the wreck, broken leg and all, just to check on me. Do I have a sweet husband, or what?

After that, I drove on to my book signing at the TEACH meeting. I was shaking so bad, I couldn’t even hardly sign books. What a night! Everyone had prayed for me though, which made me feel a lot better and I got lots of hugs and concern.

I have been reflecting on that night a lot. I had been in a hurry. Also, I didn’t say, “Lord protect us as we travel,” like I always do. But, you can be sure, I won’t forget anymore. Thank the Lord, we weren’t hurt very badly.

To all my readers, have a blessed and safe day!


Book Signings and Other Posts

I know I have told about some of my book signings in other posts, but I felt I needed to have a separate category for it. Well, I’ve had three book signings.  One was at the Miller County Courthouse. Judge McNatt and all the ladies that Troy works with, wanted me to come and sign books for them.  The judge said I could come back and set up a table in the courthouse and have a big book signing. He’s a very nice person.

Also, I had the book signing at the homeschool meeting, which went really well. Next month we are supposed to have guest homeschoolers from other groups come and share with us. The president of our homeschool group asked me to come back next month for that meeting and sell again.

Then, I had a book signing at Wilburton, Oklahoma. It was at a Christmas Bazaar that was put on by the local Art Guild. My mother-n-law belongs to the guild. They put a really nice article about me in two different newspapers. I did fairly well.  It was a bit slow though.  The highlight of my day was when 12 year old Alison Corcoran came to see me.  She is interested in becoming a writer when she grows up.  She was so excited about getting my book. The look on her face made a lump in my throat and I could envision a time when I was exactly like her.  She made the whole publishing process worth it.  I do hope her dream of being a writer comes true.  There is nothing like seeing what you’ve written in print, with your name across the cover.

Dec 13, 2010

Saturday, Dec. 11, I had a book signing at the Hooks Public Library.  A lot of my family and friends turned out for it.  Last weeks disaster was still hanging in the air, like thick smoke.  Melanie Hayes, Director of Productions at Tate, was working night and day to get me some new books by book signing time. They came by FedEx, fifteen minutes before we opened the door at the library.  I was sweating bullets and Praying that God would do a miracle.  I am a child of an awesome God! I couldn’t believe it when Troy walked through the door, holding my new books.  The haze of smoke blew away, along with my attitude, right out the door. I was able to relax, (some what) and enjoy the wassle and cookies that were there.  Also, good conversation helped.  I met a friend of mine’s mother, Paula Vickers.  Very nice lady.  I hope she enjoys my book.  And I had a few more surprise visitors that made my day as well.

To all my readers, I hope you have a blessed day.