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A Whole Lotta Stuff Goin’ On

Sept. 12, 2011
Happy Monday!

Wow! Where do I start? I have been extremely busy since I last posted. I finally finished my second novel, Epidemic in the Dark Lands, I turned another year older, my husband and I celebrated our 18 year anniversary, I made myself a new website, you can find it at I had quite a few book signings, I signed up for NaNoWriMo, I started on book 3, (which I’m calling Loombria) and we have started another school year. Whew! That is a lot of stuff in just a few months.

First, I will talk about book 2, Epidemic in the Dark Lands. My proofreader, Mrs. Lenda, read and corrected the manuscript and handed it back to me with her blessings and saying, it was an awesome read. I have been rolling it around in my head as what to do with book 2. I could use Tate, but they want too much money. I talked with several of my writer friends (Patty Wiseman, Lynn Hobbs, Jeannie Faulkner Barber and Amanda Stephens) and they gave me a lot of options to think about. Self publishing or I could go with a traditional publisher. I decided to take a leap of faith and go with a traditional publisher. My manuscript now rests in the hands of someone at TreasureLine Publishing. I am very nervous, hopeful and prayerful that she will like my book.

Book 3, Loombria is coming along nicely. I have had so many ideas for this book, that it keeps me up nights writing in my notebook. I can’t say a lot about it, or I will give away too many details. Just know this, the Misfits go on the adventure of a life time and meet some pretty dark creatures that will test their courage and their friendships.

Next, I signed up for NaNoWriMo month. For those that don’t know, this is an event that takes a lot of time, courage and heart to do. In the month of November, writers from all over the world, will write 50,000 words in one month. Basically you’re writing a novel. I have decided to participate. I just hope my family can do without me for a month, since I will be at the computer a lot. I will have to write 1,667 words a day in order to complete the 50,000 words. I have been practicing on book 3 and I have been FAILING with a capital F. I have only been writing 1,000 words a day. I have decided to try my hand at a murder mystery. To get in the mood, I have been watching shows like Murder, She Wrote, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes… and so on. I have been having weird dreams about this though. Maybe, I’m getting too much murder and mayhem. lol. If you could send me any prayers or luck, I would appreciate it.

And lastly, we started school. This is Caleb’s last year. It feels like yesterday I started homeschooling him. He was 4 1/2 years old. I don’t know what I will do without him next year when he goes off to college. I will certainly miss him. I still have my beautiful girls, Randi and Haylee. They brighten my day and that will help a lot next year. Randi is in the 10th grade this year and Haylee is in the 6th.

Well, to all of you that read my blog, I hope you are having good week so far and no murder and mayhem.