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Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday and I thought we would do something fun–a book reading challenge. The Booktubers over on Youtube, are doing their yearly challenges, so I thought we would join them.
Here are the rules: read seven books, in seven days. There will be seven challenges in those seven days. You can mix the challenges, as long as you still read seven books, in seven days.
Challenge one–read a book whose author has the same first letter of his/her last name as yours.
Challenge two: read a book with the color green on the cover.
Challenge three: read a book that you can read in one day.
Challenge four: read a book written by your favorite author.
Challenge five: read a book that someone else recommended.
Challenge six: read a fairytale that has been rewritten, example: Cinder.
Challenge seven: read a book that has some kind of historical fiction in it, example: Shades of Gray, by Carolyn Reeder.
You can do this anytime. Expand your horizons and have fun.
See you tomorrow for Thriller Thursday. I’m excited! I will be blogging about Mary Higgins Clark.

Remember, whichever books you read, please leave reviews.