Thriller Thursday

MURDER, SHE WROTE! Sounds Thrilling, doesn’t it? Well, today is Thriller Thursday and I’m going to be writing about one of my all-time favorite murder mystery shows and books.
Murder, She Wrote started out as a television show first. I didn’t know that until I did the research. I always thought they adapted the show from the books.
Jessica Fletcher was a professional writer and amateur sleuth. She used her intellect, charm, and persistence to get to the bottom of every crime she encountered. The sheriff couldn’t solve a case without her. Not even the detectives in the big cities could solve the crimes without her advice. She was able to go to crime scenes and walk all over, getting her DNA everywhere. But that is what made the show appealing to me. It wasn’t a complicated show like C.S.I., where you had to learn technical terms with each show.
Murder, She Wrote was so popular, it ran for twelve seasons. The show had cross-overs with Magnum P.I and also numerous famous actors that played on the show.
During the show, the fictional character, Jessica Fletcher, wrote
forty-four novels. She was one writing fool. The author, Donald Bain, picked up where she left off and wrote forty-six actual novels. He included the name, Jessica Fletcher, along with his on the covers. I always thought she might be a real person since her name was on the books. Boy, was I wrong. lol.
I have read quite a few Murder, She Wrote books, but there is one that is my favorite: The Highland Fling Murders.
Here is the plot: The seventh novel based on the television program finds Jessica Fletcher on a visit to a reputedly haunted castle in Scotland, where a local lass is found murdered in same way as a legendary witch.
Sounds great, doesn’t it? I think you will really enjoy reading it, or you can watch all twelve seasons on Netflix. murder
Have a great Thursday and I will see you tomorrow for Fantasy Friday.



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