Thriller Thursday, with Scifi Thrown In.

I’m finally back! I have spent the last month getting our church ready for Vacation Bible School. Now that we have got all of the decorations done and put up, our church looks amazing. So proud of our decorating crew. And the kids are having such a blast.  My daughter and I are in charge of recreation. I just love that job. It’s so fun to figure out new ways to torture (coughs) I’m mean, get the kids up and moving. The kids have played Freeze Tag, Mine Field (which is hilarious), Clothes Pin tag and last night, we had a fun relay race. Tonight, we are going to make an obstacle course inside our church that will involve walking through ice, jumping over a bottomless pit, and crawling through spider webs and logs. Of course, there is no bottomless pit in our church and we didn’t get real spiders to spin webs for us, but we have good substitutions. The best part is shooting them with squirt guns, as they go through the obstacle course. Tomorrow night, we will be filling up five hundred water balloons, to have a massive water fight. I have to say that recreation is quite popular with the kids and they always leave with huge grins on their faces.
Now on to books. It’s Thriller Thursday and I found a really cool-looking book for you. It’s a Scifi, but has a thriller theme in the story, as well. The first book is free on Kindle and that’s always a plus. It’s called Edgewood, and was written by Karen McQuestion.
Here is the back matter for the book:
Wandering the dark streets at night is Russ Becker’s way of dealing with his relentless insomnia and the angst of life. But that changes forever the night he witnesses a strange astronomical event, then discovers he’s developed incredible superpowers.

And he’s not alone. Three others in his town—sexy Mallory, arrogant Jameson, and mysterious Nadia—have had the same experience and acquired intriguing powers of their own. As if Mallory isn’t special enough with her good looks and high IQ, now she can control peoples’ minds. Jameson thinks he’s the coolest because he moves objects with his thoughts, and shy Nadia struggles to understand her new empathic abilities.

At first the four secretly relish their newfound gifts while keeping them hidden. However, things get serious when they learn they’re being hunted by an organization that wants them for its own nefarious purposes. Russ has always picked his battles wisely, but when the bad guys threaten his family, they’re about to find out they messed with the wrong teens. What transpires will change all of them in ways they never imagined.

Remember, if you purchase a book, please leave a review.

You can find Karen’s books on Amazon:

Or you can check out her Facebook page, to keep up with her writings:



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