SciFi Monday

Well, it’s SciFi Monday and I have gone to space and back to find just the right book for you. As a homeschool mom, I make sure my kids read a lot during the summer. My youngest has already read quite a few books, so far. Today, I decided to find a science fiction book for your kids. The one I have found is FREE on Kindle. Yay!

Dale Kutzera has written a cute book, that has incorporated a classic story: Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds. Who didn’t get creeped out by the description of those aliens? Also, did you know that War of the Worlds was written in 1897? It’s over a hundred years old and people are still fascinated by this timeless story. H. G. Wells was definitely ahead of his time. In fact, H. G. Wells wrote forty-eight fiction novels and seventy-three non-fiction novels. That’s incredible!

Some of his more noted works, that are still being portrayed in film or are incorporated into other works are, The Invisible Man, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The Empire of Ants, First Men in the Moon, Half a Sixpence, The History of Mr. Polly, A Trip to the Moon, and the Island of Dr. Moreau.

That brings us back to Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds. Here is the blurb:

Andy McBean is struggling to survive middle school in the soggy hills of the Pacific Northwest. He’s messy, fearful of bullies, and spent much of the last year in the hospital battling leukemia.
Then one night a meteor storm devastates the county, cutting off power and communications. One giant meteor crashes into his neighborhood, skidding up the street to stop right on Andy’s front lawn. The glowing boulder draws the attention of neighbors, the media, the army, and even the new girl from Andy’s art class. He is thrilled at the notoriety, but everything changes when the meteor opens and a towering machine steps out.
Separated from his family, Andy must fend for himself and rescue his friends. Join the adventure as Andy meets an alien, learns what they want on planet earth, and devises a bold plan to stop them.

In the second Andy McBean story, he goes under the sea–Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Remember, if you purchase a book, please leave a review. Also, head over to Dale’s Facebook page and give him a like.

You can find both of Dale’s books on Amazon:

Andy McBeanAndy-War-Web-Image2


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