Whatever Wednesday

Today, is Whatever Wednesday and I’m going to be talking/ranting about the Divergent series. I know I should have been writing about this yesterday since it was Dystopian Tuesday, but I couldn’t pull my head out of Insurgent so that I could post. If you have seen the movies, you know they are awesome! HOWEVER, I am so glad I watched the movies, before reading the books–aside from the third movie, which hasn’t come out yet.
There are so many differences, especially in the second book. And, after reading Insurgent, I have to say that I liked the movie better than the book. Don’t get me wrong, the book was good, but the way they wrote the movie made more sense. I don’t want to reveal too much, because some of you may want to read the books. In the movie of Insurgent, there is this box that the Divergent’s have to open. In the book, there is no box. I loved the box idea that the screenwriters came up with. It makes what Tris goes through, more visual and it makes more sense. But after I watched Insurgent, I sat there scratching my head and wondering how they were going to make the third movie–and I hadn’t read the books, yet. The way the movie ended, it was like they could stop there and not even move on to book three.
Now that I’m reading book three, I’m still scratching my head and wondering how they will make the third movie. When Insurgent ended–in the movie–all of the factions were headed out into the wilderness, happy, with not a care in the world. That is not how it is in the books. At the beginning of Allegiant, Four’s mother, Evelyn, and the Factionless, have taken control and no one is allowed out of the city. Evelyn has thrown Tris in jail and there is a curfew in place.
I wonder how Veronica Roth feels about her books being rewritten?
If you haven’t read the books, I highly recommend them. They are the kind of books that you can’t put down. They suck you in and you have to know what is going to happen next. Kudos, to Ms. Roth, for such excellent writing. Also, watch the movies that are out. They are splitting Allegiant into two movies–you had to see that one coming. The first one will come out on March 16, 2016 and we will have to wait a whole year before we can see the conclusion. Boo!


Let me know your thoughts on the books versus the movies. I would love to hear them. Also, check out my Facebook page. In the fall through spring, I give away stuff, so be sure to get in on that. You can check out my books on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Karen-Gammons/e/B004KU9SDQ/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1433946308&sr=8-1Four




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