Fantasy Friday

Let’s all dance…IT’S FANTASY FRIDAY! Yay! My favorite day for two reasons: Grimm comes on Friday nights (it’s off until either September or October, boo!) and I love fantasy. I have alway been a sword fighting, let’s go watch a battle between elves and dwarves kind of girl. I cut my teeth on Tolkien and Lewis. I love to write fantasy, I guess because it helps me to escape into another world for a while.
So I was searching for the perfect Fantasy Friday book for you, and I think I have found it. It’s called, Strange Luck, by Amie Irene Winters. The blurb for the book on Amazon is really short, but I went over to that great site, Goodreads and found it for you.

Daisy Darling has never believed in the supernatural nor the spooky claims about the items sold in her family’s antique shop. She’s never sprouted wings, shaken hands with a time-traveling wizard, or even had a boyfriend. All she knows is a boring life taking care of her ailing father in her tiny mountain town.
That all changes when the seventeen-year-old opens a mysterious letter with a map to an incredible place far from her world. But Daisy finds out that the inhabitants of this world refer to themselves as prisoners, and her adventure quickly escalates into a dangerous journey where memories are stolen—the more cherished the memories, the higher the risk of losing them. Daisy possesses the unique ability to destroy the world and set its prisoners free, but first she must find the courage to battle the dark forces at play before her identity is erased and she’s trapped forever.
Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!
It’s $2.99 on Kindle. I’m thinking the paperback would be better since I am a paperback person. I love the feel and the smell of a book. I like to use weird objects as bookmarks. There is nothing like lying back on your bed, with a glass of tea and a good book. Heaven.
Remember, if you purchase a book, please leave a review. Also, head over to Amie’s page and give her a Like.

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Strange Luck


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