Whatever Wednesday

Today is “Whatever Wednesday” and I’m sharing one of my favorite middle-grade book series. Books that are written for 12-14-year-olds, but are great for everyone to read.
Artemis Fowl is one of my kids favorite series. In fact, we have a bookshelf that is called, “The Shelf of Honor”, lol. where only the greatest reads can sit. The Artemis Fowl series has a home there.
These books are about a twelve-year-old, criminal mastermind. His family was once a sort of mafia, but ever since his father went missing, Artemis has had to take over. He feels it’s his duty to support the family. When he discovers that there is an actual fairy realm, he begins plotting. He finds out that when a fairy is taken hostage, the fairies will pay gold to get a fairy back.
My favorite character, Butler, is Artemis’ bodyguard. He is basically a master chef, an expert marksman, knows all the martial arts, an expert in of medicine and technology, all rolled up into one guy. Not to mention, he’s huge. I picture the Rock, when I think of Butler. lol.
This book is hilarious–like laugh-out-loud, hold your stomach, tears rolling down your face, funny. Such a great book.
I don’t like the new covers, though. I wish they would have kept the old ones. Read Artemis Fowl. You won’t be disappointed.



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