Review for Wisp

April 21, 2011

Hey to everyone and Happy Passover. I recently received a book that I won on Facebook by Kevin Maze. It’s called Wisp. It might as well be called AWESOME, because it was.  I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. Read it in a day and a half. The book starts out with a perplexing murder, and three more take place throughout the book.  Sheriff Murphy and his nephew, a paranormal reporter by the name of Alex, have to find out who is killing people in the town of Ellerton, Alabama. There are hardly any clues to go on. Even when they find DNA, the person has a solid alibi. It had me guessing almost right up to the end who the killer was. I love stories that don’t reveal who the killer is until the end. The characters were well developed and the story was wonderful. I highly recommend this to everyone over the age of 14.

Last night, after finishing this book, I had to take Randi to my mom’s house, so that she could spend the night. When I was walking back out to my car, I saw a shadow and got really scared. I ran to my car, like an idiot and jumped in. lol. The book can be creepy, that is why I recommended it for 14 and up.

I love a good scare every now and then. Thank you Kevin for this. You should check out his wife’s books as well. I have blogged about Ellen C. Maze before. She writes the Rabbit Trilogy books.

Read Wisp. You’ll enjoy it!

To all my readers, may your Passover be wonderful. Also, read Wisp and get creeped out!


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