Baby Chickens

Mar. 15, 2011

Last week Caleb and I went to town and bought some baby chickens. They are so adorable. We have a lamp that hangs over the side of their box that gives them warmth.  They will stand under the lamp in a cluster, and lean on one another as they are going to sleep. It’s so funny to watch, because when one loses his balance, they all wake up, cheep for a few seconds and then start nodding off again. If one of them decides to go get something to eat and leaves the group, that one that left, after he is done eating, will charge as fast as he can into the very center of the group, so that he can get the most warmth.

I have never seen an animal that can poo as much as those little babies can. I have to change their box two times a day and it’s only getting worse as they get bigger. I’m hoping that warmer weather arrives quickly, so that they can go out to the coop.

We have an old chicken coop in the very corner of our yard, from where we used to have chickens. Some neighbors, that used to live by us, had two boxers that dug into our coop and killed some of our chickens years ago. Those dogs are gone and I am hopeful for our new little babies.

Our cats are funny about the chickens.  Zelda would love to get her chompers on them and L.K. is very scared of them. Any of you who have read my posts about our cats and dog, know how Zelda is. She is the queen of our home and can’t understand why she is being kept out of the laundry room, where we are keeping the new babies.

The first night we had the chickens, we had chicken for supper. The kids were apologizing to the new baby chickens, for eating chicken. lol. I told them they were going to have to get over that, because we’re going to be eating their eggs in about six or seven months.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring. It’s such a great time of year. To all of my readers, have great chicken day.



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