My Life is Funny

Jan. 28, 2011

I discovered something this morning. I was nominated for a Shorty Award. I’m not quite sure what that is, (it has something to do with Twitter) but I’m happy to know  that someone took the time and thought I was worthy of a vote. I actually received two votes. Out of the 55 pages, of the 1,096 nominees, I was at the top of the page of 48, in the 122nd place. I thought this was a little funny. In general, I think my life is funny. Something weird, funny or strange is always happening to our family. Just look at the last month. Troy broke his leg, I was in a car wreck, killer dogs killed a horse in the pasture behind my house, Troy got our car stuck in the mud and we popped the tire pulling it out. There are other things, but I would get arthritis trying to write them all down.

For the most part, I have laughed at every situation, because that is how I am. I look at life as I would at the glass being half full. I have so many blessings, that they outweigh the bad.

I’m going to look at this award nomination as a promise for this new year. I’m very hopeful that my book will do well and that I will be able to send in my new manuscript. I have been trying to do for God, all of the things I have asked him to do for me. I think I’m getting in his way. So, I’m going to take my hands off the wheel and rely on him more. I have asked him to let my book do well. I believe he heard me and will answer my prayer. I spend way too much time on the computer: tweeting, blogging, and looking at all of my websites. I’m going to start rectifying this situation, here and now, and spend more time with God, my family and working on my health.

To all my readers, I hope the Lord is in your life, pouring his blessings down on you. God is so good, faithful and wonderful.


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