Killer Dogs and Speeches

Jan. 18, 2011

Hey, everyone, hope all is well. Yesterday was a very interesting day. Caleb woke me up to tell me that a pack of dogs were killing a horse in the pasture behind our house. I ran outside, jammies and all, to see for myself. It was hard to say for sure if it was a horse or a deer. I didn’t have my glasses on and couldn’t see that far, but Troy said that it was still moving. When I saw it kick it’s leg, I knew it was one of the horses. Troy and Caleb went down the road to get the owner and I got dressed to see if I what I could do for the horse. When I got back outside, one of the dogs (a pittbull) was there pulling on the horses leg. I yelled at the dog and it ran off. When I got to the horse, I knew it would have to be put down. It’s poor head was so mangled and it had so many wounds, that I knew it wouldn’t survive long. The owner didn’t even have to kill the horse, it died not long after. Such a sad start to my day. I love watching the horses in the pasture behind my house. Last week when it was snowing, the horses were running and kicking up their heels, having a great time.

Here is where I tell you about the leader of the pack of dogs and his owner. The leader of the pack of dogs is a German Shepherd mix. He looks like a wolf. Very black and shaggy. We call him “Demon Dog”. He has killed quite a bit of livestock in our little neighborhood. The owner of the dog told a friend of ours, that when his dog hurt one of his kids, that is when he needed to come and talk to him about his dog. (Isn’t he a wonderful person? NOT!) The dog had killed two of our friends goats and his little dog that he had chained up. Our friend and the owner of “Demon Dog”, have had quite a few fights over the menace of the neighborhood. The police were called, but they said they couldn’t do anything since we live in the country and have no laws for dogs.

I don’t know what the owner of the horse will do, but I can guarantee that the “Menace of the Neighborhood” won’t be living long if he has anything to do with it.

And that is how my day started. Then I had to write a speech, because I was speaking to the Friends of the Library, in New Boston, Texas last night. I think I did very well. I spoke for about twenty minutes. I told them all about how the idea of becoming a writer came to be and then went on to writing Prince Andy and the Misfits and the whole publishing process. I ended with telling them all about the book. There was a book signing afterward and I did really well. I got to talk to several of my high school teachers. Talk about pressure. One of them was my old English teacher. They were very proud of me though. I don’t know if I will ever get used to speaking in public. All those eyes staring at you, like you have a wart on your face or something. (I was going to put booger, but I thought that was a little gross. lol.)

To all my readers, I hope you have a great day, with no killer dogs making it interesting.


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