Reading New/Old Books

Jan. 14, 2011

Lately, I have been on a Inkheart kick. I love the Inkheart books! Cornelia Funke has such a wonderful imagination. I recently have read, Inkheart, Inkspell, and now I’m reading Inkdeath. In Inkheart, Mo reads three characters out of the Inkheart book, while his wife Resa is read into the book by mistake. The three characters, Basta, Capricorn, and Dustfinger find themselves standing in Mo’s living room. Basta and Capricorn are the bad guys. Dustfinger is a fire-eater and entertainer in the Inkheart book. Basta and Capricorn leave Mo’s house and go into our world. Capricorn gathers a great many of followers and starts doing a lot of bad things. One of the bad  things was, rounding up all of the Inkheart books and destroying them, so that Mo can’t read anymore characters out or into the books. Capricorn promises Dustfinger that he would be able to go back into the book if he would bring Mo and Meggie to him.  Capricorn wants treasure and he needs Mo to read it out of books for him.  Mo has retreated to the safety of his aunt’s house when Dustfinger finds him and tricks him. Capricorn’s men come and take Mo, Meggie, Mo’s aunt Elinor and Mo’s copy of Inkheart to Capricorn’s village. Capricorn had found another man that could read characters and items out of books, but Darius wasn’t as good as Mo. All of his characters had something wrong with them when they came out. Capricorn threatens to kill Meggie if Mo didn’t read for him. He also tells Dustfinger that he can’t go back into the book and burns all the other Inkheart books, save one. Mo reads part of a story. Treasure and a boy named Farid come out of the story.  Dustfinger helps Mo, Meggie, Farid and Elinor escape. They go and find the writer of the book Inkheart, Fenoglio, to see if he has anymore Inkheart books. Mo needs to read Resa his wife out of the book and Dustfinger wants to go home. In the end they all end up back at Capricorn’s village and many things happen. Several of the things that happen is Fenoglio gets read into his own story, they find Resa and Capricorn dies. However, if I told you the end, you wouldn’t want to read it.

In Inkdeath, Dustfinger finds a new character, Orpheus to read him back into the Inkheart book. Farid is so upset that Dustfinger didn’t take him, that he gets Meggie to read them both into the Inkheart book, where they are reunited with Fenoglio and Dustfinger. The Inkworld has taken on a life of its own and has started making up tales and characters as it goes along. Fenoglio hasn’t helped this situation. He has been busy writing tales about the Bluejay, a robber whom he modeled after Mo. Fenoglio has Meggie read a story that he wrote, so that he can try to right the wrong that the story was taking. In the end that becomes a disaster. Mo and Resa are read into the book by Orpheus who has a silver tongue just like Mo, along with Basta and Mortola the Magpie. Mortola has a rude awakening when they enter the Inkworld and find that her son Capricorn is dead there as well. (She thought he would only die in the other world.) Mortola shoots Mo, leaving him for dead in the Wayless Woods. I won’t go into any more details, because that would ruin the story. The book is really long and full of wonderful descriptions of the Inkworld. Sometimes a little too long, but they work. I tend to skim, especially since this is my second time reading all of the books. I highly recommend all three of the books. Also, Cornelia Funke has written other books as well: Dragonrider, The Thief Lord, and a ghost series that is really good. So check her out sometime. It will be worth the reading.


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