Book Trailer for Shadow Man

We made a book trailer for Shadow Man this week. The kids did most of the work, while I directed in the background. It turned out great. I have had a lot of feedback on it. Everyone is really impressed by the work that Caleb, Randi and Haylee did. I have always thought that music makes any video or movie better, especially if starts out slow, builds up high and then descends, making you really grateful for watching it. We used a song by Pump Audio.  It made me feel as if I was going on the journey with Andy. We found the pictures on a free website (that way there are no copyright issues). All three of the kids, (but mostly Randi) worked on each individual picture by using Picnik and another program we have on our computer called Gimp, adding special effects to them. I had a ceramic heart that Haylee made me a long time ago, and we took that heart to make one of the pictures that is toward the end of the trailer.  I hope everyone that watches the book trailer will walk away wanting to read the book and I hope you enjoy the trailer.

Nov. 9, 2010

Hey, to my readers! Well, we had to take the book trailer off of Youtube the other day. Since we found out the release date for bookstores, we had to add a picture to tell folks where they could buy the book.  It is doing very well. I’m getting quite a few hits on it.  Remember, Jan. 04, 2011 is when the book comes out in book stores. But you can buy it now at this website:


One thought on “Book Trailer for Shadow Man

  1. I loved the book trailer. The kids did a wonderful job. I have watched it like 4 times. I love the music the pictures. It is just beautiful. Can’t wait to see the movie…I mean read the book. You are awesome.


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