Epidemic in the Dark Lands

I have been working on book two, Epidemic in the Dark Lands for about a year now. I’m on chapter 22.  I’m hoping to finish it in about two weeks, that’s if I have a clear calendar.  Then I can give it to my wonderful friend, Lenda Selph to proof read. (She is awesome. I don’t know what I would do without her.)  I won’t be allowed to send it to Tate until book one has sold so many copies. This is just standard procedure.  I think I’m more excited about book two, than I was book one.  For one thing, a lot of my characters are named after some of my favorite people in the world.  (You know who you are.) Book two also features my daughter Haylee as a big-hearted dragon. She is excited about that, especially since Caleb and Randi are in book one as characters.  I’m finally getting used to the fact that people will soon be reading my work. I was a little nervous about it at first, but now I’m excited.  I wish that you could read book two a lot quicker, but the publishing company is a lot like the Lord, they do things in their own time.

September 4, 2010

As I near the end of book 2, Epidemic in the Dark Lands, I’m getting that excited feeling for writing book 3. I just finished chapter 23 and have begun the next chapter. Everyone keeps asking how many chapters I’m going to have, and all I can answer is, “As many as it takes to finish the book.”  I’m a little disappointed with myself though with Epidemic in the Dark Lands. In Shadow Man I wrote a little over 83,000 words. Epidemic in the Dark Lands is going to be a hair shorter. I wanted it to be more, but I don’t I have that many words left in my head for this book. I’m hoping that as I reveiw chapters, I can add sentences here and there to make up or even exceed what I have written for Shadow Man. On the bright side, I am almost done. Yipee! Book  3 here I come.

Oct. 2, 2010

I am having a contest.  I need dragon kingdom names for book three.  The dragon kingdom is set in a volcano. The dragons are intelligent and the king of the dragons is King Granite. The contest will run through Nov. 30, 2010.  The winner will receive a free signed copy of Prince Andy and the Misfits, Shadow Man. Also, their name will be added to the acknowledgments  page in book three.  You can leave the names here in the comments section or put them on my Facebook page. Good luck.


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