Our Cats

I wanted to introduce you to our cats, Zelda and L.K.  Zelda is eight years old. We adopted her from the pet shelter when she was just a baby. As she has grown, she has come to think of herself as the queen of our home.  Zelda was a huge inspiration for the character in my book, Theodius.  I think if she were a person, she would just love the fact that she was the star in a book and that she might become famous.  L.K. stands for “Little Kitty” and he is five years old.  He is no longer a “Little Kitty”.  I call him my self-petting cat.  He doesn’t like anyone to touch him or he will bite you.  However, if you talk like a baby to him, he will rub all over the furniture and “pet” himself.  He’s a little bit dumb and he is scared of everything.  His favorite place to sleep is in a flower-pot on our back porch and he eats like a hog would, gobbling up his food. I’m not sure that L.K. will have a part in any up coming books, but we’ll see. I love both of our cats and will keep you up to date on some of their antics.

August 30, 2010

Ah, summer!  Our poor little cats have not fared so well this summer.  It has been very hot here in Texas and we haven’t seen much rain (none in the last month).  Being a bit on the portly side, (and that is being nice) Zelda doesn’t do well in the heat. She tends to lie in the very middle of our living room, positioned exactly under the ceiling fan so that she can get the most air. When she is not in the living room, she is lying on my bed with the ceiling fan blowing on her, keeping me company while I write on book two.  We were out in the yard the other day and it was around 105 degrees and Zelda just had to see what we were up to.  She is a very nosy cat! I have never felt so sorry for an animal. By the time she got to where we were, she was huffing and puffing pretty good.  We have tried putting her on diets, but that has not worked.  Poor L.K. tends to feel as though he is being mistreated when dieting is going on in our home.  After all, he is not fat. The heat doesn’t seem to bother L.K. either.  He just lies in his flower-pot on the back porch, snoozing it up, in heat that I wouldn’t be caught dead in.  Fall is in the air a little bit though. We are starting to have cooler nights.  I hope it gets here quick for poor Zelda’s sake.

Nov. 20, 2010

Well, here it is, only five days till Thanksgiving. It has really cooled down here in Texas.  Zelda is very happy about that.  In the winter, she sleeps on my big, pink, fluffy bathrobe, which gets pulled out of the closet every night, just for her.  L.K. is still sleeping outside at night.  I guess it hasn’t gotten cold enough for him to come in.   However, he makes us open the door for him at least thirty times a day, so that he can come in and eat, (the little pig).  If we ignore his cries at the door, he stands up on his hind legs and gives us his best impersonation of “puss and boots,” from the Shrek movie.  He has also taken to sleeping with our dog Barney.  (I think he thinks he’s a dog. But that is just my opinion.) Needless to say, he now stinks like the dog.

Now, I must tell you about Barney and why L.K. stinks.  Barney is a little black and white “squirrel dog” that Troy bought, with every intention of using him for hunting squirrel.  Alas, we ruined our expensive “squirrel dog” with firecrackers.  When there are guns around, he runs for the hills.  He hasn’t quit hunting on his own however, he still goes into the woods (we live in the boonies) and brings back birds, large rats, rabbits, squirrels, (see, he does have some squirrel ability) and occasionally a snake.  His favorite place to hunt rats is around the sewer. I have dubbed him the “sewer dog”. Needless to say, he stinks. It doesn’t matter how much you wash him, the sewer is the first place he goes after a bath.  Now, when L.K. sleeps with Barney, the smell tends to rub off on my little orange cat, which is not pleasant, especially, when L.K. graces us with his presence first thing in the morning. lol.

Zelda, the queen, DOES NOT LIKE BARNEY! ( And she only tolerates L.K.)  When she goes out on the backporch, Barney runs for cover.  Zelda has jumped on Barney quite a few times.  Usually, its when she’s in a bad mood or when Barney has looked at her wrong.  I think she enjoys knowing that in her little kitty world, she reigns supreme.


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