I have been married to my best friend, Troy, for 17 years. We have had our ups and downs as most couples do over the years. However, they have been mostly wonderful.  We have three beautiful children: Caleb, who is 16 years old, Randi, who is 14 years old and Haylee who will be 11 years in September.  Troy doesn’t have a character in my book, but has encouraged me all the way and been my support, which no wife (author) can do without. The main character of my book, Andy, started out being modeled after my nephew, Andrew.  However, Prince Andy developed into Caleb, as I watched Caleb grow and mature into the handsome young man he is now. He is a huge help to me with everything, especially with my websites.  Randi has always been my inspiration for the character Shimmer.  If you could dip Randi in a sea of blue glitter, she would become Shimmer.  Randi is very prissy and cute and that is what I envisioned Shimmer to be.   Haylee has the part of a little dragon with a big heart in book two–Prince Andy and the Misfits, Epidemic in the Dark Lands, which fits her perfectly because she has such a big heart. Of course she is very cute as well. They are all very excited about my book. Almost as much as I am.


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